About us


The history of Babiage began in 1993. First as an importer, the founder, Mr Nicolas Maus has always been in search of innovative products.

Pioneer in its sector, he was the first in Europe to distribute soft toys with audio unit reproducing intrauterine sounds.

Listening to customers and willing to enrich the market, N. Maus decided to create his own brand, Babiage in 2002.

He launches then the Babiage Doodoo which remains to this day the best friends for the baby and his parents for a peaceful night.

And to avoid big troubles, we offer spare plush only on our website (www.babiage.com) so that parents can buy a plush reserve / replacement (loss, damage, ...).

Gradually the range expands with useful and innovative accessories, facilitating the daily parents' life such as Bo mixer, the Kleenup, the Drying rack, Babiage Tooprop ...

Located in Waterloo, our company promotes the ""Made in Belgium"" and manufactures most of its products in Belgium.

Our proud


A friend forever...

Our Babiage Doodoo is THE friend for many babies across the world since more than 20 years.We are very happy to provide sweet nights to all of these families.


You made our day. That is exactly the ONE we are looking for!Thank you soooo much.

Alexandra from Switzerland

A big thank you to Babiage for trusting me to the Tooprop test! it's super practice, I use it every day. I even brought with me to the hospital when my son was hospitalized.
It avoids a lot of small accidents, such as food that falls on the baby pants, or on the bottom of her sweater ....
Frankly super convenient, I recommend it to everyone.

Carole de France